Jay Maisel, “Bird in Iran”

See what goes on behind the lens when a photographer looks through their viewfinder. Discover how composition, lighting and the subject come together to become an extension of your vision. Uncover new ways of seeing a subject and explore your visual potential.

This class, “Developing a Photographer’s Eye,” doesn’t focus on camera equipment or level of expertise, but instead dives into how you can become a better photographer by becoming aware of what makes a good photograph. We will look at historic and modern photographers, discuss composition, light, color and concepts. We look at how to critique and assess the quality of photographs and how to apply it to our own work.

The classes are held on three Wednesday evenings, April 13 – 27. at the Sierra College Gateway campus in Roseville, CA. Each class is 3 hours long (with a break, of course). Students receive copies of the class slideshows.