Welcome to Roundspace

The descriptions below should give you an idea of what each section is about. Please explore. Ask questions. Say 'hi.' Don't be shy.



This is where you will see a selection of my artwork in varoius media. This also includes graphics, illustrations and fine-art work, such as drawing, oil and watercolor painting.


All my photo-related work is here. This is a selection of both commercial and personal work, including retouching and photo illustration. Some of the work here isn't straight photography, per se, but, you know, fiddled around with.


Links to classes and workshops and I have taught, am presently teaching or will teach. This probably includes links to the blog where classes and events may be announced or reviewed.


The blog is mostly photographic-centric. It's sort of like a Web-site-within-a-Web-site, if that makes any sense. It's a typical WordPress blog, so it looks Wordpress-y, but it will get updated more often than other stuff here. It contains a bunch of stuff, including photo how-tos, tips, equipment reviews, updates on classes and workshops along with some general thoughts and musings.

If you want to get the latest info on what I'm doing, subcribe to my blog.


This is about who I am and what I do, and what I can do for you.