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Passion, guidance and care, that's what I'm 'about'


I care about what I do. I like to exceed the expectations of the people I work for, go above and beyond for the people I teach, express my passion for my work by giving of myself. If I've ever had the pleasure of working with you or having you in my class, you know that I am there for you. I listen to what my customers say and I provide what they need.


In teaching, I get excited and inspired with my subject. I've found that this inspiration and excitement rubs off, that the people I am teaching, that they get caught up and share my energy. The subjects become engaging and interesting and even fun.


When working with a client on a project, I am careful listener and ensure I have their goals and ideas always at the forefront of the work. Review, suggestions and adjustments are all part of the process to get the work done in a fast, timely manner.


I love challenges. Take a look at my work and I'm sure you'll see something that you like. Let me know how I can help you by contacting me.




"I really enjoyed the class and learned a ton of new info. Sheldon is very professional and approachable." - "Beginning Digital Photography" class student


"Class was both fun and educational. Left me wanting MORE." - "Developing a Photographer's Eye" class student


"I went from being intimidated by my camera to using it in Manual mode in one day, thanks to Sheldon's workshop." - "Capitol and Capitol Park Safari" workshop participant