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Classes, workshops and individual lessons


The only thing I love more than photography and art is teaching. I have taught classes and workshops and tutored many people in a variety of media.


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I have regular classes at Sierra College Community Education at the Gateway Center in Roseville. Click here to see what classes are being presently offered on the Sierra Web site. (You will have to enter my name in order to search for all my latest classes.)


Classes are typically 3-4 weekly sessions, 3 hours each on a day or evening. I teach several types of classes including:


Digital Photo Basics: Everything from point-n-shoots to digital SLRs are welcome in this class. Basics of what makes a digital camera and what the heck is a pixel, anyway, to tips, trick and advice on how to get great photos, then get them into your computer an out into the world.


Beginning Digital SLR 1 - Step-by-step, this class goes through the various aspects of the Digital SLR (single lens reflex) and explains how photography and the digital world unite. We go over the different modes of exposure, what is the difference between lens types, the basics of photography, and look at different types of composition, lighting and other aspects of the photo process. The goal is to get you more comfortable using your camera and to explore its potential.


Beginning Digital SLR 2 - This class extends the groundwork in the first class and goes into more depth of exposure and composition. There is a more hands-on aspect where part of the class is spent practicing what you've learned.


The Photographer's Eye - In this class we explore what goes on in a photographer's mind, how they think about and see photographs. We look at past and present photos and photographers, such as Dorothea Lang and Ansel Adams, to see what makes them tick. The goal is to learn how to develop your own sense of style, how to critique your own photos, and how to use the right tools for the job. This is completely non-camera-specific so anyone with any camera will benefit.


Digital Photo Editing - Using primarily Adobe Photoshop Elements, this class goes in stages to introduce the students to the various capabilities of editing digital photos. We start out with the basics, toning and cropping, and progress all the way up to being able to change whole aspects of photos, making cloudy skies blue and removing unwanted elements. We also go through some basic aspects of repairing and improving old photos.




I offer workshops about 3-4 times a year that revolve around doing photography in the field. I call them "safaris" because that sounds so much more fun than "field trips." My workshops are usually held locally and may be half-day or all-day workshops. I focus on composition, light, camera use, practice with a tripod experimenting and having fun. Here's a selection:


Sacramento Capitol Park and Capitol Safari - An all-day workshop, the class explores the Capitol Park and Capitol building in downtown Sacramento. The statuary and gardens of the Park, and the unique architecture and history of the Capitol make for an interesting and varied day of photography.


Old Sacramento and the Railroad Museum - Another all-day workshop, though it can be two separate half-day workshops, this trip explores the nooks and crannies of Old Sacramento, getting up close with the Tower Bridge and capturing street performers. The Railroad Museum has full-sized trains, full-scale dioramas and all sorts of interesting rail-related history to investigate.


Other safaris I would like to do would be a Yosemite Park outing and one at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


iPhone and iPad Photography - This single, 3-hour workshop goes over the basic use of the camera and the Apple apps, giving the class some tips on how to improve their photography with these devices. I also cover a variety of apps that help process and add effects and filters to pictures, as well as go over output to printing, saving to your computer or sending to online services and social media. We then take the class outside the classroom and practice what we learned for the last 30 minutes or so.


Organizing and Keeping your Digital Photos Safe - It's difficult not to take thousands of photos and videos these days. They are everywhere, scattered all over a computer hard drive, on different devices. I show users how to tame their disorganization and get a handle on all those loose images. Along the way, we also discuss the use of backups and online storage for protecting their images and data. This 3-hour workshop is for users of all levels.


Individual lessons and on-site workshops


I also offer private tutorials, where an individual or a small number of students can have a more exclusive, one-on-one session with a particular subject or idea as a theme. If you want more personalized direction, this is a great way to get info that applies directly to you and your photography style.


On-site workshops are also available, where I come to your group at a time that is more convenient for your group. I can also tailor a workshop to your group's particular needs, addressing their areas of interest and focus.


Contact me to let me know how I can help you and your group.